My First Sketch

Have you ever been depressed after trying hard to find your dream party dress design in Google and you do not get it? Because you find some imperfect shapes of your body, then you find it difficult to find a comfortable dress for you. Finally after searching for hours, I decided to design my own party dress (a bridesmaid dress for my cousin’s wedding party). At that time I was thinking this will not be easy for me because I’m not an expert in this. I’m not even a designer *I think you’ve guessed it from how imperfect this sketch is :p*. But I made it just for fun and to satisfy myself.

My Sketch

There are two points of the “imperfect thingies” became my focus; my arms shape and my distended belly *thank you for not laughing at me (-_____-“)*. Then I tried to outsmart the things by making ’em not too visible. I do not know how to specify what’s in my mind exactly, especially how to say this *wrinkles at the arm* and this *folds at the belly – skirt of the dress* to a tailor, that’s why I think I’m better describe it by making this sketch.
Feel free to give some advices and critique my design.. you can make it more perfect :)


I lied, please don’t critique my design. I’ve got hundreds of home works and I don’t wanna waste my time to fix it :(

21 Responses to My First Sketch

  1. Mending beli bahan sendiri, terus bawa model bajunya ke tukang jahit. Jadi lumayan, kan. Bisa bikin baju rancangan sendiri dan lebih puas. Terus jd memberdayakan tenaga kerja kecil dan menengah. :D Azeekk…

  2. Bagus kok. Tapi itu emang roknya cuma pendek segitu?
    Selutut ke bawah dikit y?

  3. tumben postingannya nginggris :p

    yang model untuk berhijab ada ndak ? :D

  4. bagus kok nieke :D itu kalo aku yg makek, efeknya keliatan tambah bulet :D

  5. aku ga ngerti soal fashion wanita… jadi ga bisa komen banyak. wakakakakaka

  6. itu nampak depan n belakang kok sama ya?
    :D tapi aku juga ga bisa gambar desain sih.

  7. kalau saran aku gambar kasih mixing colour’a mba biar lebih tahu detail mana yang kurang & pas,maklum kerja didunia fashion jadi tahu2 dikit2 lah

  8. haiyaaaaaaaaaaa…….. bu desainer :)

  9. lama tak berkunjung…kupikir nyasar mbak, jebulnya nih mbak nieke udah go international ik..hehehe

  10. Rusa juga mau donk didesainin tanduk baru :D

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